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Pre Engagement

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Story & Concept

The first phase of our work is to have a theme or concept, in order to have a better out put, we share ideas with our clients and finalize one main concept and one alternative concept.

Style & Make-up

before moving to the production we work on the style and make of the models or subjects, in order to have the desired out put, this part plays a key rule to support the theme.

Shooting & Retouching

then we move to the location and let the crew to set the lights and other required equipment and right after that we start our shooting, once we are down with shooting, we move to the retouching or post production, which takes a bit of time before we deliver the final products to our clients.


Zabiullah Fazly is a portrait & wedding photographer based in Seattle Washington. Fazly’s focus is quality and customer satisfaction, the visual focus is the item’s composition, lighting and creativity. His photographs of people center around the colors, and textures that every human being carries. Photographs of people emphasize their unique beauty, culture, and what they want to express, and Fazly is making that all happen in every single image he takes.

Currently we are open to book for the 2022

You can reach us through these numbers: 

(909)666-0441    |    (425)525-9226   

or email us at:   zabi.fazly@gmail.com


zfazly or ZF, is a LLC, committed to provide the best service in the sectors of its performance, in zfazly we do photography and videography, our mission is to provide best quality and fastest delivery, and our long term vision is to create a hub where all the photographers worldwide can contribute and connect with each other.

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